HOGA™ Mat in Bird of Paradise

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The HOGA™ mat is the BASE for your HOGA™ towel - the two work TOGETHER! 

Simply snap the towel to the mat and go! 

Our signature HOGA™ mat is made of recyclable, eco-friendly TPE (recyclable Thermal Plastic Elastomer). Feel good about the products you use.

Non-PVC, non-toxic, free of heavy metals and no odour! 

We chose this material because of it's non-porous surface. This means that sweat and bacteria is NEVER absorbed into your mat! Porous mats (i.e. rubber) can become a breeding ground for bacteria, so for your hot, sweaty practice, we wanted to use a base that was hygienic and easy to care for. 

Let the HOGA™ towel (sold separately) soak up the sweat, and you can easily wash it away in your regular cold water wash. 

EASE OF CARE: Simply rinse your mat with water to clean when necessary, wipe or air dry - ready instantly for your next class!

Black cotton, adjustable carrying strap included.

Low profile snap fasteners are brass and nickel plated so they will not rust.

Length : 72"

Width : 24" 

Thickness : 6 mm (best thickness for not crumpling under your feet during movement).