"Up Dog Funk" HOGA™ Microfibre Lite Towel

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Our microfibre lite HOGA™ towel without the rubber backing. Add a little "funk" to your practice or exercise with this beautiful towel in tie dye blue, green and yellow hues .  As with all our HOGA™ towels, the HOGA™ lite attaches to your HOGA™ mat - your towel never moves, while you still do! No more bunching or sliding allowing you to focus on your practice or exercise without frustration. Even better, the HOGA™ towel snaps off for washing. Simply unsnap the towel and wash in cold water and hang to dry, keeping it fresh and clean for every practice.

This towel measures 24" wide and 72" in length. It is designed to cover the length of your HOGA™ mat.


* High quality microfibre - grip increases with moisture (the more you sweat the better you grip - or spray with water if needed for non-heated practice).

* Ease of care and hygienic - simply detach, wash in cold water and hang to dry!

* Versatility - change the look of your mat anytime or keep extra's on hand! One can be in the wash and one ready to go to your next hot yoga practice or exercise session.

* This towel is suitable for ALL styles of Yoga practices, heated or non-heated, restorative or vigorous flow; Barre, Circuit, Bootcamp, STRONG by ZUMBA or anywhere you use a mat!